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Social Media Marketing is one of the most effective ways to show the world what makes you special. It is a great way to generate traffic through your landing page and ultimately generate conversions.

Unlike traditional forms of marketing (old) such as radio or newspaper, Social Media Marketing can target people who are interested in what you do. Facebook and Instagram both offer exceptional targeting capabilities meaning increased ROI.

What else does Social Media Marketing achieve?
  1. Promotes engagement with your brand
  2. Brings users closer
  3. Increase your brand visibility
  4. Attract potential customers
  5. Foster brand affinity and loyalty
  6. Incubate trust
  7. Attract more followers
  8. Earn higher retention rates
How can Outspokin Australia help?
We have a simple 6 stage approach

1. We take the time to understand YOU and what success looks like to YOU

Every business is unique and so should your Social Media Marketing campaign.

2. Create a Social Media Strategy tailored for YOU

We will incorporate all elements into your Social Media Strategy including the primary platforms of Facebook and Instagram.

3. Set up your accounts and pages

If your new to social media, we will set up your pages and optimise them for success. Already have pages set up? we will optimise them for improved results.

4. Send you draft content for approval before publishing

We will create a draft content plan including posts, on which platforms and when, and send it to you for approval. You’ll view 2 weeks of content and we’ll make any requested changes prior to publishing.

5. Increase Engagement and Reach

Using both Facebook and Instagram business manager, we identify top performing hashtags and share content that’s relevant to your business expanding your reach.

6. Show you what we have done and share your success

We provide a comprehensive report on your growth, reach and engagement of your Social Media Accounts over the course of a month including top performing posts and hashtags.

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